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Weather Pro-Series

Industrial dehumidification system

The Weather Pro Series dehumidifiers are completely customizable air handlers using cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. These built in the USA custom-manufactured desiccant dehumidifiers provide unparalleled performance in controlling humidity levels, making them excellent for various applications.


Options Include, but not limited to:

Pre and Post Cooling Coils

Pre and Post Heating Coils

Pre and Post Heat Indirect Fire Burners

Face and Bypass Dampers

High Efficiency Filters

Make Up Air

Enthalphy Wheels

Packaged DX

Direct Replacement Units

Aluminum, Stainless and Galvanized Casting

NO-Thru-Metal Construction

Fan Arrays

Food Grade Construction

Custom Colors

WP Cut Sheets and Drawing

Custom project drawing examples

These drawings represent custom Weather Pro units, all of which were designed and sold by Dry Solutions Incâ„¢



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