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DS-Smart Filters

DS-Series smart filters

Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters from Dry Solutions Inc.  With Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters you get the highest quality filter manufactured.  Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters are unlike any other filter you will find.  The interior wire frame allows the FULL surface of the filter to do what it is supposed to do; STOP dirt, dander, pollen, and other microbial particle.  The filters fit tight into the filter rack guaranteeing nothing gets around the filter as is common with framed filters.  With the layer design the Dry-Cleanse 3-Ply Filters can offer a service life up to 300% longer than traditional HVAC filters.  The result is the best protection for your equipment and the cleanest air your space has ever experienced while saving money.

Filter Media Profile

First Section

Open weave, coarse denier fibers- capture large particulate

Second Section

Tighter weave, medium denier fibers- capture medium size particulate

Third Section

Dense weave, small denier fibers- capture small particulate

Fourth Section

The final layer- a dense weave of tackified micro-denier fibers- prevents the unloading of particulate and captures fine particulate.



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