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Dessicant Rotors

DS-Series Desiccant Rotors

DRI’s EcoDry Rotors and Cassettes are the result of many years of in-depth study and research work on countless permutations and combinations of substrates, desiccants and chemical processes. Every aspect of rotor dynamics, behavior, characteristics and physical parameters has been considered to maximize performance, durability and applicability.  These are without question the industry leader in desiccant performance and durability.  Whether you are replacing a Dry Solutions DRI rotor or a competitors version please don’t hesitate to call Dry Solutions for your rotor needs.


Metal silicate synthesized on inorganic fiber substrate (net organics less than 2%).

Customized depth and diameter to meet specific requirements.

All EcoDry G3 series rotors allow for a very high moisture removal over a vast range of inlet conditions.

The rotors are maintenance free and there is no deliquescence, and hence no special storage needs.

Rotors can simply be cleaned by blowing air or even washed with water.

The rotors are composed of stable, chemically inert inorganic material and offer excellent resistance to most chemicals.

High Mechanical strength.
The rotors can be reactivated using electrical heat, steam, hot water, natural gas, LPG, or thermic fluid heating.

The rotors neither burns nor supports combustion.

Integral long-life bearings.

Rotor has perimeter flanges as standard.



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