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Welcome to Dry Solutions™, where we are redefining excellence in dehumidification. Our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional value. With the perfect balance of Speed, Quality, and Price, we ensure rapid, efficient solutions that meet your needs without unnecessary delays. Our high standards and strict quality control guarantee products and services that exceed your expectations. We believe in offering fair and competitive pricing and exceptional, cost-effective services. Experience the outstanding quality and services that define us at Dry Solutions™ because so much depends on the weather.


At Dry Solutions™, we understand that time is precious in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering swift and efficient solutions that meet your needs without delays. Whether it’s our top-notch products, exceptional services, or reliable support, we are committed to providing rapid results that exceed your expectations. With our perfect blend of speed, quality, and affordability, we redefine excellence in dehumidification. You can trust Dry Solutions™ to provide the rapid, efficient solutions you deserve.  Put us to the test!


We go above and beyond at Dry Solutions™ to deliver an unmatched quality product. Our unwavering commitment to perfection is ingrained in everything we do. From selecting top-grade materials to implementing meticulous processes, we uphold the highest standards to ensure our products and services meet and exceed your expectations. With our dedication to quality as the cornerstone of our offerings, you can trust us to provide exceptional solutions that stand the test of time. Experience the difference that true quality makes with Dry Solutions™ because when it comes to your satisfaction, we leave no room for compromise.


It is without question that at Dry Solutions™, we believe in providing exceptional value for your investment. Our commitment to fair and competitive pricing ensures you receive the best services without compromising quality. With our cost-effective pricing structures and high-quality standards, we strive to exceed your expectations. Trust us to deliver swift and efficient solutions that meet your needs because your satisfaction is our priority. Experience the excellence in dehumidification solutions that defines us at Dry Solutions™, where we are redefining the balance of Speed, Quality, and Price.

Our team

Kevin Smith

CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin leads all the Sales, Service, and Business Operations of Dry Solutions™. Kevin has strong relationships in Industrial Processing, Ice Arena, and Food Processing markets throughout North America. He started his career with Munter’s Corporation in 1991 and has served thousand’s of dehumidification applications. Kevin leads customers to their desired weather conditions, meeting and exceeding critical application needs. Kevin is married to Stephanie, has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Kevin loves developing new product inventions, downhill skiing, golf and travel.

A.J. White

Lead Engineer

A.J. has an impressive 25-year career in the HVAC industry, specializing in the desiccant field.  He brings expert experience and enthusiasm to our team. From NHL arenas to food processing facilities, hospital operating rooms to lithium battery labs, A.J. has successfully tackled diverse projects across various fields and countries. Beyond his professional life, A.J. treasures his 10+ year marriage to his beloved wife Meghan and thier dogs.  Away from the office, A.J. enjoys gardening, fishing, sports, travel and the lively atmosphere of the Great Minnesota Get Together.  He loyally supports his home state teams and his alma mater, the Cal Bears.  As a key member of our team, A.J. strives for excellence in providing Dry Solutions to all of our clients.

AJ White of Dry Solutions
Ashton Smith of Dry Solutions

Ashton Smith

Technical Services Manager

Ashton Smith approaches all of his work with enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication. Ashton’s ability to think creatively and overcome difficulties has made it possible to find practical solutions to challenging problems. His quick learning curve for new concepts and technologies helps Dry Solutions™ stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving business atmosphere. Ashton’s life revolves around his family and his loyal German Shepherd, Echo. He cherishes quality time spent with his loved ones, creating memories and strengthening the bonds that tie them together. Echo, his furry companion, not only brings joy and laughter into his home. Ashton loves sports and is a strong supporter of his favorite teams. He appreciates the mindset of teamwork and dedication that sports symbolize; they also apply to his professional life.

Justin Montgomery

Canadian Market Lead

Justin Montgomery brings 20 years of experience to Dry Solutions™ and will be focusing on sales in the Canadian market. Justin has dehumidification experience in hockey arenas, curling clubs, water treatment plants and cold storage/freezer distribution centres. Justin is married to Katie and has 4 children. As a hockey player and hockey coach Justin spends almost all his free time in hockey arenas. Over the years Justin conservatively estimates that he has been in more than 500 different hockey arenas.

Krystilyn Smith

Chief Administrative Officer

Krystilyn Smith serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Dry Solutions™. The scope of her responsibilities encompasses human resources, information technology, finance, payroll, customer relations, and other areas. Her remarkable organizational skills guarantee the efficient operation of our team. She excels in a positive work environment and finds great satisfaction in collaborating with our exceptional team. Her more than two decades of experience in the dehumidification sector endowed her with significant knowledge and benefits the organization. Krystilyn enjoys spending her free time with her spouse, Scott, and their children. She also loves boating and spending time at their cabin.



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